Staff Directory

Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics

Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Steve Coppola Associate Provost 704-687-5965
Christine Robinson Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics 704-687-5385
Tania Rymer Business Services Coordinator Sycamore 402 704-687-1294

Institutional Research

Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Steffaney Cohen IR Reporting Analyst Sycamore 402 704-687-8073
Jennifer Galecki Business /Technology Applications Analyst
David Goins Associate Director for Data Management Sycamore 402 704-687-1291
Derrick Isler Business Intelligence Analyst Sycamore 402 704-687-1295
Susan Miller Business /Technology Applications Analyst Sycamore 402 704-687-1293
Vacant Graduate Assistant
Wayne Stone Senior Director for Institutional Research Sycamore 402 704-687-1290
Ashleigh Venezia Social Research Specialist Sycamore 402 704-687-1296

Decision Support

Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Martha Bottia Senior Research Analyst Sycamore 402 704-687-8072
Brian Boudreau Senior Director for Decision Support Sycamore 402 704-687-8081
Nick Findlater Senior Research Associate Sycamore 402 704-687-5442
Taylor Palmer Social Research Specialist Sycamore 402 704-687-8614

Assessment and Accreditation

Name Job Title Office Phone Email
Mitchel Cottenoir Director of Assessment 704-687-1292
Elise Demeter Director of Academic Research and Assessment 704-687-5069
Myra George Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment 704-687-1692
J.D. Mosley-Matchett Director of University Accreditation and Assessment Systems Management 704-687-6174
Rochelle Y. Holder Administrative Assistant 704-687-0921