Institutional Research and decision support

Institutional Research and Decision Support is charged by the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to:

  1. collect, validate and analyze data required for external reporting;

  2. disseminate needed and requested data for internal planning and for assessment of institutional programs;

  3. conduct special studies on various aspects of the institution;

  4. provide assistance to others within the University who are engaged in research or conducting campus-wide surveys; and

  5. provide assistance to the campus regarding planning and assessment processes, SACS accreditation compliance.

As a unit within the division of Academic Affairs, the office is accessible to all academic programs and is close to the planning process established by the Provost.  Although much of its work is related to the academic side of the institution, units in the other University divisions as well as the Chancellor’s Office regularly require services of the Office of Institutional Research.  The staff also assist other members of the University community who want to conduct institutional studies.  Institutional Research services may include developing research techniques, providing required raw data, or participating in the compilation, analysis and presentation of the study. The office provides assistance to the campus regarding internal planning, assessment, and evaluation in accord with fundamental quality improvement.  Institutional Research also provides consultation to the campus regarding obligations related to SACS standards and requirements.  Finally, the Office of Institutional Research has the responsibility of institutional reporting to external agencies such as The University of North Carolina General Administration (UNC-GA), the U.S. Department of Education, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.