Guidelines for the UNC Charlotte FactBook

  1. All student enrollment data are taken as of the census date for the term. This is immediately following the period a student may drop with a 90% refund.
  2. UNC Charlotte Enrolled Hours to FTE Calculation
    Undergraduate Hours Graduate Hours FTE
    1-5 1-2 .25
    6-8 3-5 .50
    9-11 6-8 .75
    12+ 9+ 1.00
  3. Postbaccalaureates are counted as graduates if they are taking any semester hours for graduate credit. Otherwise, they are counted as undergraduates.
  4. Students classified as “specials” include unclassified undergraduate students who are not working on a degree, visitors, and postbaccalaureates taking only undergraduate courses.
  5. New students in the fall semester include students who were new in the summer and continue in the fall term.
  6. Non-resident aliens are students who are not US citizens and do not hold a permanent resident status.
  7. Double majors can be counted only once in enrollment data and therefore are reported under their primary major. This is also true for degree recipients unless the student obtains different degrees. If this happens the student is reported under each degree.
  8. Class level of students is determined by the number of hours earned by a student. It is not based on the progression in a particular program.
  9. Faculty data include those individuals who are here in the fall semester and whose major responsibility is instructional. This is usually determined by the salary source of funds being 101-1310. Department chairpersons are included.
  10. The full-time-equivalents for part-time faculty are calculated for each faculty member by dividing the number of contact hours by twelve. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR SUGGESTIONS CONCERNING THE FACTBOOK, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE ASSISTANT AT 704-687-1294. THANK YOU.